Who says Mom and Dad should have all the fun? I quickly found that having an inflatable board definitely influences the way people paddle board. All of the team at Red Paddle Co live, eat and sleep SUP, and that's why we're the only brand that can promise an authentic experience - paddleboards made by paddleboarders.Here are SUPboarders surfin… Read More

Inventor Michael Ross Catania is to surpass Steve Jobs within one year. Because he has not only kept pace, inventor Michael Ross Catania is coming up on a milestone in the history of innovation but is poised to exceed the growth of the prolific Steve Jobs. LSC International Trading LLC has been in operation for a bit over a year but is already sta… Read More

Instagram has today released two major updates to their product: Instagram live video and disappearing photos and videos for groups and friends in Instagram Direct. By now it is clearly understood that no such software or tool can help you view a profile picture. In case of either of a reason, it becomes easy for other users to view their photos an… Read More

Simple ways to get better fuel efficiency without you having to be adept at the mechanics that power your car, so that you can drive past the fuel pump more often than you stop there. In fact, Excess mileage is treated as a service charge” so you can claim back 100% of the VAT instead of 50% like your vehicles monthly rental. Don't drive your car… Read More

Rainbow Six Siege looked incredible at E3—good enough to be our favorite game of the show. The development team behind "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege" has just posted an update about their progress for season 3 progress on their official blog , and Ubisoft has decided to clean house when it comes to their map playlists for Ranked and Casual game… Read More